ADS Price List

Spacesaver Intermountain is the industry leader in providing innovative, cost-effective storage solutions for Defense, Federal and State & Local personnel. Storage optimization from Spacesaver Intermountain ensures our customers spend less time spent accounting for gear and more time for training and preparedness.

Part #DescriptionPriceLead Time
SSC-43-42217Relocatable 4-Post Safety Shelving Unit Model 42217$4,797.45120 Days
SSC-43-42109BTransportable Readiness Rack Model - 42109B$9,723.20120 Days
SSC-1-25822Relocatable Readiness Rack Model 25822$1,826.00120 Days
SSC-33-22461-1Compact Mobilized Storage System$157,859.12120 Days
SSC-113-914TH EODMobile Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE) Storage Unit Model 914th EOD$1,986.67102 Days
SSC-33-25079K12534RRelocatable Emergency Communications Equipment Storage unit Model 25079K12534R$11,290.99120 Days
SSC-33- 25079K12534RBRelocatable Emergency Communications Equipment Storage Unit Model 25079K12534RB$11,290.99120 Days
SSC-130-79297/67068Relocatable Readiness Rack Model 79297/67068$3,385.98120 Days
SSC-43-42895Mobile Readiness Rack Model: 42895$4,552.54120 Days
SSC-114-14547Mobile 4-Post Safety Shelving Unit Model: 14547$4,343.42120 Days