Overhead Warehouse Storage

Overhead Warehouse Storage

Floor space is always at a premium in a warehouse—so why not look up, literally?

Overhead warehouse storage is safe, reliable, and easy to use. With a push of a button, your inventory and supplies are up and out of sight, and with another press, the goods are right at your fingertips. This storage allows for:

  • Improved Inventory Tracking: Keeping track of inventory is easy as the storage provides 100% visibility
  • Built-In Security: The overhead storage means less risk of tampering
  • Options Based on Needs: Overhead storage offers the choice of two lift varieties—overhead lifts or wall-mounted lifts. Overhead lifts can carry 1,000 to 4,000 pounds depending on the type of motor, while the wall-mounted lifts are low-voltage machines and can carry 300 pounds each
  • Less Workplace Injuries & Product Waste: As the storage is push button-operated, it cuts down on climbing, ladder injuries, or dropped goods
  • Easy Installation: The lifts mount onto existing ceilings and walls in just a few hours

Increasing Storage: Overhead warehouse storage allows for an increase of 50% additional space without a remodel or renovations
Potential Applications:

  • Property & Evidence Rooms
  • Hospitals & Laboratories
  • Manufacturing Inventory & Automotive Parts
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Athletic Equipment
  • Museums & Galleries
  • Retail Inventory

Overhead Warehouse Storage Downloads

In addition to overhead warehouse storage, heavy-duty mobile storage can also conserve your limited space. Visit our Heavy-Duty Mobile Pallet Racking to learn more.

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