Benefits of High-Density Mobile Storage

Mobile Shelving in various applications

Before we can jump into the benefits of High-Density mobile storage, we first need to dive into what High-Density mobile storage is. Simply put, it’s a way to store more stuff in less space. Traditional static shelving that you would have in your garage, or that you might see in a retail store, will have a fixed amount of isle space to access the items needed. In public places such as a library, there are ADA regulations requiring a certain amount of isle space between the static shelving for anyone to access the content being stored. However, with the concept of High-Density mobile storage, it takes that same static shelving and mounts it onto movable carriages and rail systems that allow the shelving to move back and forth and collapse together. It takes the same amount of storage capacity and reduces the overall footprint in half or allows you to store twice as much stuff in the same amount of space.

Almost anywhere you go, companies and employees continue to accumulate more and more stuff throughout the years and there usually comes a time when you run out of space to store those things. Whether you are a library receiving volumes of new books, a museum preserving dinosaur bones, or a warehouse that stocks supplies or equipment, there comes a time when you just need more space. If you don’t have the money to expand your space to accommodate the growing number of items, there’s a good chance your existing space is overcrowded and unorganized, which leads to a whole other set of issues, such as: decreased productivity, low morale, and potential safety hazards for employees. However, with High-Density mobile shelving, it can solve all of those challenges.

As we’ve covered in this article, there are various options when it comes to High-Density Mobile Storage and each one offers unique benefits that can help an organization be more efficient and more organized. Mobile Systems allow you to store more in less space or double the storage capacity in the same footprint. They can store various weight loads and offer multiple safety features to protect users.

But how do you know which mobile system is right for you? Just give us a call and we’ll have one of our storage experts provide a free space analysis and walk you through the process to help determine which mobile system is the best fit.

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