Spacesaver Intermountain is a proud distributor of Rousseau and BenchPro workbenches, carts, chairs, and cabinets.

Rousseau, and BenchPro offer a wide variety of customizable workbenches and accessories for any type of application. From wood, laminate, or metal tops for workbenches to various heights and depths for cabinets.

Continue reading to see workbench options and accessories. 


There are many different things to consider when deciding on a workbench. With so many options for tops it all depends on the application. Here are a variety of tops we can offer: plastic laminate tops, resin tops, chemical resistant laminate tops, cleanroom laminate tops, stainless steel tops, powder coated galvanneal tops, etc.

Not only are there a lot of options for tops but also the types of workbenches as well. We offer hydraulic lift designs, super heavy duty workbenches, Stainless steel frame workbenches, and many more. Feel free to contact us to get a storage specialist involved to help determine which workbench would work for your specific needs.

WIDE Tall ESD Fabric Aluminum Base WAT-DF


Like workbenches, chairs have a variety of choices to consider when getting one to go along with a workbench. The biggest thing to consider would be the cushion of the chair. Here are a few options: urethane cushion, fabric ESD cushion, fabric cushion (various color options), vinyl cushions (blue or black), cleanroom cushions, etc. Along with the cushion you should consider if the chair should be desk height or a tall chair with a footring. Some of these chairs have the option to be a stool as well.


There is so much flexibility in a cabinet today and there are many ways you can configure one to meet your specific needs. Whether you need it for a warehouse for tools and equipment or for the military to easily move and store parts; cabinets can increase organization and productivity. Here are a few cabinets to consider:

  • Stationary Drawer Cabinets
  • Door Cabinets
  • Mobile Drawer Cabinets

All these cabinets can come in wide variety of widths and depths to help maximize the storage space.


Similar to cabinets, carts can help move product or equipment from one room to another. Carts can utilized in any niche market depending on what you need to transport. In the medical industry, for example, tray carts are used on a regular basis to move medical items or equipment from room to room for easy access by medial personal. Here are a few examples of carts we can offer.

  • Chassis Carts
  • Solder Pallet Carts
  • Stencil Carts (welded or bolted)
  • Tray Carts (welded or bolted)
  • Push Carts

Casters on the bottom of the carts have the ability to lock in place.

If there never seems to be enough space in your office or mailroom, high-density mobile storage can help.