Weapons Storage

Weapons and Gun Storage—Military and Public Safety

Secure, organized, and easy to access. Weapons storage can be all three.

Law enforcement agencies and military bases are always evolving—and our weapons and gun storage solutions are able to change right along with them. Highly versatile and space-efficient weapons storage are the key to a successful deployment mission, training exercise, or general armory—and we work alongside Spacesaver to design weapons and gun storage systems that are extremely visible, easily deployable, and quickly accessible.

Take a look at our weapons and gun storage systems.

Weapons & Gun Storage at Work:

Salt Lake City’s Public Safety Building

Out of the many departments within the Salt Lake City Public Safety Building, one was in need of an organized storage solution is the Quartermaster/Armory facility. “We needed to store our most sensitive equipment—bulletproof vests, weapons, gas masks—in the correct way,” says Martin Cauffman, Salt Lake City’s Quartermaster.

With the goal of increased access and safety, high-density mobile storage was paired with weapons racks to store more equipment in a limited space while still having access to every piece of equipment at all times.

Universal Weapons Rack (UWR®) & UWR® Mini

Spacesaver’s Universal Weapons Rack (UWR®) offers the most flexible and versatile weapons storage option. Adjustable racks accommodate weapons and guns of various lengths and types, while perforated doors and sides simplify weapons inventory assessments while providing optimum visibility. In addition, the system:

  • Resists 100% of movement, shock, and vibration by all weapons and guns
  • System can be tilted 90 degrees in any direction without being dislodged or touching other components in the rack
  • Provides secure weapons storage for a variety of purposes, including M16 racks, pistol racks, gear bag cabinets, or optics cabinets
  • Stores items without needed to disassemble or zero weapons, offering a boost to operational and combat readiness.

UWR® is also available as a UWR® Mini, which offers the same features as the standard UWR with a decreased width and weight—making physical transport much easier than a full-size system. The UWR® Mini is ideal for maximizing space inside transport containers and armories where every inch counts.

Weapons storage rack
Floor mounted gun locker

Weapons and Gun Storage Locker Options

Floor-Mounted Storage

Easily configured for weapons and gun storage of any kind or size—handguns, rifles, shotguns— our floor-mounted gun lockers offer an infinite number of options.

  • Choice of handgun-only storage systems and lockers that securely and efficiently store a combination of handgun and long guns
  • Full-size, heavy-duty main front door opens with a master key to facilitate visual inspections, weapons inventory and maintenance
  • Round out the storage system with cabinets designed to securely store ammunition and any number of accessories.

Wall-Mounted Storage (Sally Port Gun Lockers)

Ideal for interview rooms, common areas, or any other location or situation that requires the utmost in handgun weapon security.

  • Seven models with up to 10 openings per system. Each opening measures 5-3/16 by 10-3/8 inches and 6 inches deep to provide ample storage room.
  • Individual keys for each opening, while a master key allows for quick access to all lockers.
  • Combination locks and digital locking mechanisms are also available
  • Neoprene-lined shelves minimize noise and damage to the weapons.

Weapons Rack II & III

The Weapon Rack II is a stand-alone two-piece design, consisting of a welded frame and butt holder with a separate, adjustable rubber-coated barrel rest and base plates. The depth of the rack is designed to support weapons with scopes or pistol grips, and it’s structurally sound enough to store weapons that are 20 pounds or more. The weapons rack can sit inside Spacesaver’s 4-post and Case Type Shelving or stand on its own.

The Weapons Rack III transforms existing 4-post and Case Type Shelving into an instant weapons and gun storage solution for longer guns and pistols—or it can also be arranged into two levels of weapons and gun storage.

While our weapons racks are used primarily in the Military or Public Safety markets, we’ve also utilized them in war Museums to store historical weapons artifacts.

Weapons storage racks for shelving systems

Pistol Racks

Spacesaver’s Pistol Racks are a 2-piece design that mounts directly to 4-post or Case Type shelves.  The barrel and butt rests of the pistol racks are vinyl-coated to protect handguns. The complete unit is 6 inches deep. When storing one-type of weapon, such as 9mm, place racks on 10inches deep shelves and incorporate into a storage system along with the long gun weapon racks. Pistol racks should be attached to the front of the shelves so that barrels point in and hang off the back of the shelf.

WeaponWRX™ Storage System

WeaponWRX™ is a modular shelving system that is designed to securely store and transport weapons of any size.  Specifically designed for the demanding military weapons storage applications, the rugged steel frames can be arranged to fit your storage space and outfitted with any combination of specialized accessories to fit your requirements. This system allows you to store your weapons how you want and where you want.


  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Interchangeable parts
  • Infinite configurations
  • Single-sided: attaches to the wall, or double-sided: which would stand-alone

Can be mounted to mobile carriages for double the storage capacity in the same space

Weapons stored on back panels for modular storage

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