hydroponic grow facility for vegetables

Spacesaver Intermountain’s Grow Systems

You’re the experts in growing. We’re the experts in growing more.

With the help of our High-Density Mobile Systems we can utilize your lighting, irrigation, and other systems to optimize space, reduce energy costs, and maximize yields in your indoor commercial grow facility. All of our systems are custom designed to ensure they fit exactly how you want within your space.


How it Works

Spacesaver Intermountain’s compact mobile systems consist of three main components: 1) rails installed in or on top of the floor, 2) carriages that move along the rails and 3) shelving or racking mounted to the carriages. These system are either powered or mechanical assist with crank handles that allow the user to move thousands of pounds with minimal effort.

These Systems offer a variety of advantages…

  • Any carriage length and configuration.
  • Easily integrate existing lighting, fertigation, and other systems.
  • Supports existing shelving, or pallet racking.
  • Multiple tiers to maximize your grow yield.
ActivRAC Grow System

Hydroponic Grow Facility


Our heavy-duty GROW systems can support up to 7,000 pounds per carriage section, making them ideal for large-scale commercial hydroponic operations.


ActivRAC Grow System for Cannabis


Our mobile systems are ideally suited for large-scale indoor cannabis cultivation facilities, as well as the cultivation of tomatoes and other large potted plants.

Grow Systems in Action:

Need more info? Want to chat with one of our storage experts? Contact us today and we can discuss how our systems can maximize your yields and make the most of your space.

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