Heavy-Duty Storage Solutions

car parts storage on mechanical assist compact mobile storage system

Guard Options & Heavy-Duty Storage Solutions

In a warehouse, industrial, or automotive environment, safety is the top priority. At Spacesaver Intermountain, we understand—that’s why we work with several partners to offer guardrails and other safety systems that are cost-effective, lower accidents, and are specially-designed to fit a variety of floor plans.

Take a look at some of our guard options and additional heavy-duty storage solutions below.

Guard Rails & Racks

Our Guard Rail serves as the complete one-source answer to guarding mezzanine platforms and other dangerous areas. It is supplied in a prefabricated form to offer the lowest cost of installation, and layouts are custom-designed to fit your floor plan.

Industrial Rack Guard safety systems are ideal for single and gravity-flow racks in any type of warehouse, distribution center, or manufacturing environment. These systems help decrease the amount of work-related accidents by protecting warehouse workers and customers from falling objects or stock that might fall off of pallet racks, mezzanines, conveyors, or shelves.

The rack guard can be installed vertically or horizontally, below conveyors, above sorting lines—anywhere product loss needs to be reduced and people’s safety needs to be ensured.

Mezzanine heavy-duty storage solution
universal storage container for parachutes
vertical shuttle automated storage carousels
Turbine part storage on mobile warehouse racking

In addition to guard options for safety, we also offer additional heavy-duty storage solutions:


  • If security is a concern, our Container Storage options offer the most protection for your heavy machinery, tools, pallets, and more.


  • Racking and hook storage provide ideal solutions for your warehouse or facility to maximize space on your walls.


  • Overhead storage solutions clear up floor space and allow you to store bulk items and tools over your workspace.


  • If compacting heavy, bulky items is needed to conserve space in your warehouse, heavy-duty mobile racking is a cost-effective option to warehouse expansion or renting additional warehouse space.

A best-kept secret of warehouses is a constant need for additional space. To learn how to create additional storage, download our heavy-duty mobile shelving brochure