West Valley Police Department

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West Valley Police Department
High Density Mobile Storage System for Evidence at West Valley Police Department

With the help of the Spacesaver Intermountain, the West Valley Police Department was able to meet all of their storage and evidence needs throughout the facility. In the evidence room, there are 4 bulk evidence storage cages that were created to securely house large evidence items. According to Chief Colleen Jacobs each of the new evidence locker cages are larger than the entire forensics lab in the old facility. Spacesaver high-density mobile systems were incorporated throughout the building as well and were custom designed to fit the needs of each department.

Area’s like evidence and administrative offices were fitted with specific storage based on their usability and space limitations. High-density mobile systems were installed in the quartermaster’s room in order to store equipment, weapons, and other sensitive equipment that required added security. These mobile systems allow each department to store much more equipment in a limited space.

FreeStyle lockers are another Spacesaver product used within forensics that allow for safe temporary storage for the team to process evidence within the building. These lockers are also equipped with digital locks that can keep record of who is accessing the lockers, therefore keeping the chain of command intact.

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