Low-Profile Mobile Shelves

Efficient. Adaptable. Durable. Now, and as Needs Change.
Low profile mobile shelves storing various office equipment

Low-Profile Mobile Shelves

We know the situation. Maybe you’ve experienced some growth, and that means a renovation or a new building. Or, funding is on its way—but you need a place for your stuff right now. Perhaps you’re leasing office space or a warehouse, and you know you can’t disturb the footprint in any way.

We understand—and we can offer a solution. In working with Spacesaver, we’ve been able to help businesses in any size and market regain needed storage space with the help of the Wheelhouse low-profile moving shelving system. Easy to reconfigure, expand, and relocate, this system offers the same features as a standard high-density mobile system, with the added benefit of being a low-install impact in cost and site disturbance.

When paired with the XpressDEK floor and rail system, Wheelhouse’s high-density moving shelves offer the same level of strength and flexibility of a traditional anchored rail system Finally—a system that can grow with your needs.

Low-Profile Mobile Storage Modes of Operation

We offer three control options for optimum ease of use, security, and accessibility:

Touch Screen


The simplest of the three, is operated by the push of a button for optimum reliability. Plug-in-the-wall power makes installation and relocation easy, and Spacesaver’s Eclipse Powered System technology offers a system high on safety, reliability, and ease-of-use.

Mechanical Assist Crank


Operated by a three-spoke handle that you rotate, mechanical assist provides features such as an exclusive anti-drift brake for floorless rail systems and a color-coded safety-locking pin.

Manual Assist Handle


Just as the name indicates, an easy-to-use push handle manually operates the system. Manual low-profile moving shelving systems are designed for smaller storage applications that require less-frequent access.

XpressDEK® Floor & Rail System

The ideal mobile storage solutions adapt perfectly to today’s needs while offering the flexibility to cost-effectively transform to future requirements—and XpressDEK® makes the ideal possible. A modular floor system that offers the same strength of a traditional anchored rail system, XpressDEK® was created with the moving shelves of the Wheelhouse® mobile storage system.

Low Profile High-Density Mobile Storage Applications

Our low-profile high-density moving shelving has been used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Storage for relocation
  • Storage solution when leasing property
  • Athletic equipment storage
  • Uniform and gear storage
  • Long-term evidence storage

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