University of Utah – Ambulatory Care Center

Reshape and Modernize the Campus
medical storage at the ambulatory care center
Central Supply Core mobile system for steril equipment

With the help from Spacesaver Intermountain, the brand-new Ambulatory Care Center was able to incorporate an ActivRAC high-density mobile storage system in their Distribution Area. This storage hub allows the ACC to neatly store hundreds of bulk items in a central location. With this system, the staff can quickly locate the needed items for each department, expediting the supply distribution process throughout the entire facility. In addition to the ActivRAC system, the walls were strategically lined with static pallet racking for the storage of frequently used items, creating ease of access to the items that are often needed on the fly.

The Central Supply Core is located in the middle of the wing with two service corridors on either end. Nurses and surgical staff can enter the supply core from either side to access critical supplies before or during a procedure. Spacesaver Intermountain worked closely with the university and central supply nurses to provide a custom high-density mobile system with shelving on the exterior of the system for full visibility and access to materials and facilitate quick retrievals on quick pick items. This custom storage system minimizes the time nurses spend searching for supplies, therefore giving them more time with their patients.

The last mobile system that was implemented in the Ambulatory Care Center was in the Anesthesia workroom. Here they have a mechanical assist mobile system storing various tools and equipment in color-coded bins, which keeps everything organized and easily accessible. This increases efficiencies for the nursing, anesthesiology, and materials management team alike – making it easy to store and locate these essential items.

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