Smart Lockers

Wood Laminate Lockers in office environment with woman putting bag into locker

Reimagining Personal Storage

Explore the possibilities of personal storage – Smart Lockers are everything in a locker and more. Elevated with design, enabled by smart technology, these lockers put the user experience at the forefront.

Design and Technology

We take pride in offering the most secure, reliable, user-friendly smart locking system. With multiple locking solutions, you are able to choose the right locker configuration that is right for your specific needs.

• Delivery and Pick-Up offer safe and secure storage for exchange of goods.

• Reservation Capabilities show lockers available for rent or reservation, updated live via secure cloud technology.

Usage Reporting understanding how lockers are being used, and adjust your plans accordingly.

Custom Design and Decal Brand your space, with limitless possibilities.

smart lockers at wake forest university

Higher Education

• Cafeteria

• Gym

• Library

• Dorms and Housing

• Mail and Postage


• Hybrid Office

• Coworking

• Fitness Center


• Clean Room

• Break Room

• Cafeteria

• Training Room

• Labs