Industrial Mezzanines

Expand your floor plan and save valuable space.

Increase manufacturing and storage capacity without the need to renovate or relocate operations. Whether you’re in need of additional storage, manufacturing, or office space, mezzanines offer stress-free solutions for some of the greatest challenges through the growth and changes of business. Both cost-effective and custom-built, industrial mezzanines are capable of meeting exact specifications to accommodate operations within your existing layout to support the needs of your business.


Various flooring options to meet aesthetic, functional and safety requirements, including, resin board, corrugated decking, open-bar grating, and concrete.


Meet foot-traffic needs with various widths and heights, landing areas, safety gates, double staircases, and more.


Meet requirements and ensure the safety of your employees with double, triple, and wire-mesh handrails, as well as, single swing, double swing, or sliding gate options.