Mobile Storage Racks

Uncover square footage you didn’t know you had.

Heavy-Duty Mobile Storage Racks

While heavy-duty mobile storage racks are certainly ideal for warehouse applications, they’re also ideal whenever a compact solution for heavy items or bulk storage is required. This can be as varied as museum storage, craft beer kegs, whalebones, and automotive parts.

Spacesaver’s ActivRAC® heavy-duty mobile storage takes your existing static storage or pallet racks and places them on mobile carriages, increasing the space in your warehouse or storage area by eliminating static aisles—and turning them into profitable square footage for extra inventory and spaces that can create additional revenue for your business.


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ActivRAC® mobile storage racks are available in three different systems, ranging in load capacities 7,000 to 30,000 pounds, and can be operated by turning a three-spoke mechanical handle or with the simple press of an electric-powered button .

Types of Heavy Duty Mobile Storage Racks

ActivRAC® 7M (Mechanical-Assist) and 7P (Powered)

The ActivRAC® 7 mobile storage racking system converts existing industrial shelves into a moveable system that uncovers wasted storage space.

Each ActivRAC® 7 carriage hold storage loads up to 7,000 pounds—making it an ideal system for parts and tool storage, pharmaceutical processing materials, craft beer storage, and more.

Types of Controls:

  • ActivRAC® 7M is a mechanical-assist mobile system, moved by a three-spoke rotating handle for ease of use
  • ActivRAC® 7P is a powered mobile system. At the touch of a button, the system allows a user to compact storage while still maintaining 100% accessibility.

In addition to heavy-duty steel construction, ActivRAC® 7M is also available in stainless steel (7M-SS) for hospital sterile storage and clean rooms, pharmaceutical and food manufacturing, and freezer/cooler applications.

ActivRAC® 16P (Powered)

A powered mobile rack storage system with a load capacity of 16,000 pounds per carriage, ActivRAC® 16P is a great way to store the bulky, heavy items.

ActivRAC® 30 (Powered)

The ultimate in heavy-duty mobile racking. ActivRAC® 30P is a powered system that allows the movement of 30,000 pounds per carriage with a simple touch of a button. Ideal applications for ActivRAC® 30P includes material handling, merchant wholesale, logistics.

Bluetooth Benefits

The ActivRAC system mounts pallet racking on rails to eliminate wasted Aisle space between racking. Aisles can be opened with the press of a button, with remote control, or with the brand new bluetooth-enabled “TUSC” app that offers:

  • Compatibility with IOS and Android Devices
  • Easy Set-Up Process (IT support not required)
  • Native Security
  • Direct Connection between Smart Device and ActivRAC (independent of system network)
  • Ability to Restrict Access based on Device’s Unique ID
  • Ability to Request a Credential such as PIN, Swipe, or Fingerprint
  • Searchable “soft” Directory/Index that Mimics Physical Labels
  • Tested Maximum Range Between 80-100 feet
Bluetooth technology to move activrac mobile system from mobile devices
bluetooth technology to control mobile system

Wondering which heavy-duty mobile racking solution is right for you?