Standard High-Density Mobile Shelving

Filing Supply Storage at Salt Lake City Public Safety Building

When you have the right amount of storage, it means more than simply having additional space.

In many case, it means happier, safer, more productive employees. It means having a safe, organized place for inventory, supplies, and the other items that are important to the growth of your organization or business.

How do you create that space? With high-density mobile shelving storage. By eliminating fixed aisles while still offering complete accessibility to your items, high-density mobile shelving offer a safe and secure storage solution and frees additional space for even more inventory or additional activities at the same time—up to 50% more than traditional static shelving. Read on to learn more.

Compacting Storage Space in Action

Creating Room for Student-Centered Learning at Dixie State University

Dixie State University was making the transition from a two-year to a four-year institution, and school needed to create a commons building that would represent the significance in this academic shift. A powered high-density mobile storage system made it possible for the school’s library, classrooms, offices, and archival storage to exist under one roof—creating a comfortable, organized commons area that signified the University’s dedication to the 5,000 students of Dixie State.

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Accommodating Half a Million Archival Items at the LDS History Library

The LDS History Library was building a new facility in downtown Salt Lake City, with the purpose of housing all documents, photographs, archives, and other record keeping materials collected over the Church’s history—totaling just over half a million archived pieces. The new facility maintained specific archival standards in terms of temperature and humidity, which created a unique challenge for the building’s shelving systems. Working with the LDS History Library, we created a high-density storage solution that would stand up to the extreme cold—in addition to assisting the structural engineers on the project with seismic requirements for the storage.

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High-Density Mobile Shelving: Modes of Operation

Our high-density mobile shelving offers three modes of operation, depending on your needs:

Touch Screen


Systems are operated by the push of a button or with the use of a LCD touchscreen control for optimum ease of use and reliability

Mechanical Assist Crank


Systems are moved by a rotating three-spoke handle

Manual Assist Handle


An easy-to-use push handle manually operates the system

When space is at a premium, mobile shelving storage systems can help. Take a look at our High-Density Mobile Storage Brochure now.