Archival Storage System

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Archival Storage System & Off-Site Shelving

Rare books, diaries, historical records, newspapers, blueprints, maps, and more—for archivists, it’s all equally important, and it needs the right kind of protection.

At the same time, there’s a space squeeze happening. Libraries, off-site book depositories, and archival records centers are wondering how they’ll fit an ever-increasing amount of book collections and archives into the same—or a decreasing—amount of storage space.

One way to create additional space? Rethink your shelving—and look up. Designed specifically for stable off-site storage for book trays and boxed archival records, Spacesaver’s X-Tend High-Bay Shelving systems provide optimal space efficiency and protection while still allowing for accessibility to your collection at any time. Instead of spreading your collections out between several warehouses on static shelving, XTend maximizes your vertical space and eliminates empty aisles to create additional storage space.

Archival Storage System Types

Stationary X-Tend® High-Bay Shelving System

This static archival storage system functions similar to traditional bookshelves, but make the most of the vertical space in your off-site warehouse. Each high-bay shelving system can span up to 35’ high.

Mobile X-Tend® High-Bay Shelving System

Combining the stationary X-Tend® High-Bay shelves with mobile carriages, this archival storage system maximizes square footage by eliminating static aisles—doubling the storage capacity of the stationary shelving.

Both Systems Offer:

  • Protection of stored media
  • Strength and durability
  • Flexibility and adjustability
  • Greater storage density
  • 100% Accessibility

Additional Product Details:

  • Polyester powder-coat paint does not off-gass, keeps archived items safe for the long term
  • Ideal for consortium library warehouses, college archival facilities, and off-site document storage facilities
  • Integral side shelf supports, shelf backstops, upright baffle closure panels and flue spaces contain media and also help protect from fire loss
  • Shelves features reinforced cold-rolled steel box-formed construction, can easily be adjusted on vertical increments—and, no tools required to relocate shelves
  • Construction exceeds the most stringent NARA fire suppression standards
  • Smooth surfaces for sliding archive boxes or book trays

Archival Storage Systems at Work

LDS History Library, Salt Lake City

Not every archival solution needs an off-site shelving solution. When the LDS History Library in Salt Lake City moved into a new building, they were looking for a central location for over half a million books, records, photographs, audiovisual items, and pamphlets. In addition, the archives were stored in vaults that needed to be kept under strict temperature and humidity control. And, as the city was along the Wasatch Fault, the storage system would also need to mesh with the area’s seismic calculation requirements.
Working with the library, we designed high-density mobile storage systems engineered with an auto-cycle system to maintain the appropriate temperatures and flexibility in the rail heights to account for the curve of the library floor. The result is a collection that can be browsed by visitors easily and efficiently.

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