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Tracking & Organizing – Filing Supply Storage & Management
Filing supplies: the “unsung hero” of storage. After all, what good is a filing cabinet or storage unit if you’re unable to organize it to suit your needs? With a complete line of filing supplies and storage as well as RFID and bar code cataloging systems, our solutions make a busy workday efficient and productive.
Lateral Bi-File Solution for Point-of-use Storage Needs

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Filing Supplies

Even with the migration of paper records to the digital realm, there’s still quite a bit of paper to manage in today’s offices. Our filing supplies and systems are designed to:

  • Save space and create room for growth
  • Improve workflow and increase productivity
  • Ensure accurate recordkeeping
  • Control unauthorized access to files
  • Consolidate operations
  • Maximize current storage capacity for files and records

Our filing supplies integrate with a variety of storage solutions, including:

File Management

After properly organizing files and records, it’s important to be able to easily locate what you need—especially if you’re accessing it on a frequent basis. File management software can be utilized by a variety of industries, including:

Filing Supply Storage at Salt Lake City Public Safety Building

Bar Code and RFID Tracking

Stockbox, an inventory management system, incorporates RFID technology and lean visual Kanban methods to create a simple, efficient means for stock management, works seamlessly to automatically count, track, manage, and reorder stock inventory. With a goal to reduce overall inventory investment and streamline the materials management process, Stockbox:

  • Eliminates manual counting
  • Promotes right-size inventory levels
  • Reduces inventory waste
  • Eliminates stock-outs
  • Allows for the monitoring of item restocking
  • Creates a way for supply managers to adjust inventory levels through detailed reporting

With Stockbox, users consume a product or item as needed, and upon reaching a specific visual level, the user is able to trigger an automatic call for more stock. Driven by this demand, materials management receives electronic notification of the item requiring restocking, as well as the quantity and its location.

Materials are then picked in the supply warehouse, and distributed to the necessary locations. As a result, there is no need for manual monitoring or retrieval of Kanban cards and counting of supply or component locations spread throughout a facility.

Common applications include:

Custom File Labeling

With custom labeling, files can be accurately identified and organized based on your preferences and needs. This allows for fast retrieval and improved information management of records and files. Many industries utilize file labeling, including:

Information & Records Management

Similar to file management software, records management allows you to employ bar code technology to archive information for long-term storage.

Common applications include:

Oblique Accessories

Our full line of oblique filing accessories has the capacity to integrate perfectly into a high-density mobile storage system for maximum capacity. Oblique files are ideal for healthcare facilities, professional/law firms, and a variety of other applications.

Once you organize files, you need a place to properly store them.

Take a look at our high-density office cabinets for a compact storage solution.
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