Museum and Archival Storage

Collection care. It’s the single-most important undertaking for large and small museums alike—and as collections continue to grow, efficient storage space and control over collections are even more important in today’s preservation strategies.

In working with numerous museums throughout Utah, Nevada, Southern Idaho, and San Diego, Spacesaver Intermountain recognizes that conservation, preservation, and security are equally important factors when choosing a museum storage solution. We’re proud to be a single-source museum and archival storage provider, offering solutions for a wide variety of museum applications.

Archival and Museum Storage at Work:
Salt Lake City Public Safety Museum

Years of History Compacted at SLC Public Safety Museum

Before the construction of the Salt Lake City Public Safety Building, the small but robust collection of police and fire department museum archives—totally 293 combined years of history—were scattered throughout the city. SLC’s administration worried would be lost without proper care and storage, and the care of the collection became a priority when planning the new building.

Using a combination of art racks, museum grade storage cabinets, and static metal shelving, we were able to draw up a design that could house all of the archives in one space—leading to the department being able to open a dedicated museum so that the community could view the artifacts.

Art Rack Storage

Versatile and secure, Spacesaver high-density art racks  can store twice as much two-dimensional art compared to traditional storage. Racks are available to either be ceiling-mounted or floor-mounted, and both provide an efficient way to organize your collections. These art racks are ideal for easy and accessible storage behind the scenes, and can also be part of a visual storage display—many galleries and museums are exploring different ways for visitors to engage with a larger portion of their collections.

Close up of art rack storage at Mystic Seaport Museum

High-Density Mobile Shelving

If collection care is the first priority for a museum’s collections, then additional space is a close second. High-density mobile shelving can be a tremendous asset to museum and archival storage. A variety of static metal shelving, museum cabinets, drawers and doors, and additional components can be installed into high-density mobile carriage. These carriages act as “shelves that move” and eliminate fixed aisles, allowing the storage of more artifacts in less space.

Wide span shelving for oversized museum storage
Archival Storage

Archive facilities face an interesting paradox—continuing to collect the artifacts that support the mission of their organizations, while realizing storage space is consistently dwindling. For many of these facilities, a compact archival storage solution in an off-site facility can assist with space efficiency, protection, and accessibility.

Our XTend High-Bay Archival Storage Solutions offer the choice of a static or mobile system—and both incorporate coatings and components that meet strict archival storage protection standards. Our powered mobile systems include features such as programmable opening and closing to facilitate air circulation, smooth acceleration and deceleration to minimize vibration, perforated shelving to allow to airflow, links to facility security system to limit fire or flood damage, and silicon gaskets to seal closed aisles.

Library Archive Storage at Library off-site Shelving Facility
Museum Cabinets

The nature of your collections depends significantly on the storage used—and each storage component utilized in our museum cabinets offers its own form of protection to help guard against environmental factors.

Through completely controlled storage environments that help maintain a constant level of humidity and temperature to silicone seals that provide an airtight storage environment to minimize exposure to dust, insects, and particulates, our museum storage cabinets protect your most important and delicate artifacts.

Museum and Archival Storage in Action:

Spacesaver Intermountain, along with our Spacesaver partners, have assisted with the design of a number of museum storage solutions in Utah, Nevada, Southern Idaho, and San Diego. Our design experts have experiencing in designing museum storage solutions that are tailored to your needs. Take a look at the photo gallery below for a small sampling of our museum projects. If you’d like to learn more, we offer a complimentary assessment so you can see all the possibilities of your space.

Looking for museum storage design options?

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