Modular Storage

Modular Millwork Hospital Application

Modular Millwork

We design office landscapes that mirror an organization’s culture and performance. For many of these designs, modular millwork provides a great way to create structure, storage, and support to many industries. Options for modular millwork include shelving units, cabinets, storage lockers, and more.

Mailroom Module Millwork

Sort Modules

Sort modules maximize the use of your limited space by providing versatile, adjustable shelf storage with full width labels. Open and closed cabinet bases are available for bulk storage and full-height doors are an option for security. Slide-out reference shelves provide a temporary work surface for sorting. Literature, documents, mail and other necessities can be sorted on the fly.

Freestanding Sort Modular Storage

Freestanding Sort Modules

Similar to sort modules but in a freestanding option, these modules provide mobility in order to fit just about anywhere. Slide-out reference shelves provide a temporary work surface for the speedy sorting of literature, documents, mail and other necessities.

Satellite Mail Stations

Satellite mail stations divide mail and document distribution across departments, floor or even separate campus locations. A wide variety of laminate selections and the ability to option-in custom accents provide a front office look to your interdepartmental and satellite mailing operations. They can also double as support stations for copy machines, network printers, fax machines as well as collating and preparation stations.

Satelite Station modular storage
Bulk Sort Modular Storage

Bulk Sort Units

Bulk Sort units are designed to hold mail-sorting buckets for pre-sorting incoming or outgoing mail. Sort units are available with flat or angled shelves in desktop or freestanding units with a variety of bucket sizes—providing a quick and easy way to get your mail and packages sorted.