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Library Storage Solutions

Today’s libraries are quietly transforming. Gone are the days where libraries represented rows of books and areas for quiet study. Whether academic, research, law, or otherwise, libraries are repositioning themselves into community spaces, technology hubs, and creative areas where visitors can experiment, learn, and create.

Spacesaver Intermountain has been assisting with this transition effort for many years—helping libraries reinvent and repurpose themselves with high-density library shelving that compact book collections to make room for additional classrooms, makerspaces, cafes, computer labs.

With high-density library shelving and other storage solutions, libraries can maintain important collections, help staff work safely and efficiently, and provide important services.

Library Storage Solutions at Work

Uintah County Library & Dixie State University

Uintah County Library Doubles Space, Triples Visitors

When the Uintah Country Library was planning for a new library, one of the primary goals was to create an airy space so visitors could feel comfortable and search for items without issues. In working with Uintah, Spacesaver Intermountain recommended a high-density mobile shelving system as well as cantilever and 4-post static shelving systems so that library staff is able to change book displays whenever needed. A custom bin system allows the library’s younger visitors to browse books by themselves—at a height that’s right for them.

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Dixie State University Shows Dedication to Changing Education Trends

Dixie State University, located in St. George, Utah, was transitioning from a two-year to a four-year institution, and school administration wanted to create a commons building that would represent the significance in this academic shift. The commons building included the university’s library as well as classrooms and offices. We assisted library staff overcome a challenge with high-density library shelving as it related to the commons building’s architectural design, installing safety features and a locking mechanism to keep students and staff safe while browsing in the aisles and create a way to secure items in the shelving units when the building hosts community events.

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Library Lighting System
Library Lighting for each individual shelf

Revelation Lighting System (RLS) has changed the way lighting is distributed throughout a library and is no longer constrained by the ceiling lights to illuminate bookshelves. With RLS, lighting is distributed on each individual shelf and creates a shadow free environment for the media on those shelves. This innovative plug and play design provides a quick and trouble free installation that brings high quality lighting to areas that traditionally have been poorly lit.

In the image on the left, you can see the two ends of the section of shelving contain the RLS lighting. Whereas the section in the middle does not. You can clearly see the equal distribution of light all the way down the bottom shelf making the media easier to see and read.

Off-Site High-Density Library Shelving

Even with the strides being made in digitizing collections, academic and research libraries understand a very important reality—there will always be the need for physical book collections if a school or institution wants to stay competitive. At the same time, there’s an equally important need to keep those materials safe and usable for future and current researchers and students alike.

Those two needs can co-exist with off-site archival library shelving. Spacesaver Intermountain and our Spacesaver partners have worked with many libraries across the United States, compressing their book collections within high-density mobile shelving in an off-site facility. These systems provide optimal space efficiency, protection, and accessibility to research materials and archives while create storage space for millions of books and journals.


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Library Storage - off-site storage, high-bay storage, library archival shelving
College Campus Storage

It’s not just libraries that are evolving—entire campuses are shifting, too. In offering more diverse options and welcoming more students, the need to better utilize available space is more important than ever. We provide storage and space solutions for a number of areas on high school and college campuses, including:

A comprehensive storage solution can ensure a safe and productive campus. For additional campus applications, download our School Your Space Lookbook.

Library Storage - high-density shelving, compact shelving, library storage

High-Density Library Shelving
& Storage in Action

Spacesaver Intermountain, along with our Spacesaver partners, have assisted with the design of a number of library storage solutions in Utah, Nevada, Southern Idaho, and San Diego. Our design experts can accommodate for a variety of needs, including book, CD, and multimedia storage. With a variety of colors and finishes, we can create a look that complements your library’s interior design. Take a look at the photo gallery below for more library design ideas—or contact us for an assessment of your space’s possibilities.

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