Personal Lockers

Keeping Items In Sight and Top of Mind.

Personal Lockers

When most people think of personal lockers, they think of a place to keep items out of sight. We think about making it easier to keep important items in sight.

This means not simply putting things away, but creating a space that will make finding the items important to you and retrieving those items as easy as possible. However, we’ve learned that there’s more to a locker:

  • For a law enforcement officer, a locker can signify a home away from home—a place that keeps uniforms, gear, and personal items safe during the course of a busy day.
  • Military personnel can utilize personal lockers to avoid misplacing important gear and equipment.
  • Professional, collegiate, and even high school athletes feel like a bigger part of a team when they have a space to call their own. Lockers promote better gear, uniform, and equipment care.

For these reasons, Spacesaver Intermountain have partnered with Spacesaver and other trusted partners to offer a variety of personal lockers for a number of applications and spaces. Take a look at our selection below

Types of Personal Storage Lockers

FreeStyle® Personal Storage Lockers

Police officers have no shortage of gear that they use throughout the course of a shift—and all of those items hold a secure spot by their side. When an officer isn’t in the field, it’s equally important to have a place to store uniforms, gear, radios, a change of civilian clothes, and more.

We’ve heard about various storage places for equipment—the trunk of an officer’s car, a closet in a deputy’s house—and in designing personal locker storage for law enforcement agencies, we’ve also learned that having a space to call one’s own after a shift makes a significant difference in a department’s morale. Another important thing we’ve learned? That every officer has different needs.

Speaking to all of these factors, Spacesaver’s FreeStyle® Personal Storage Lockers can be customized to fit an individual officer’s needs—offering a wide range of options to securely store equipment, weapons, uniforms, electronics, and more, including:

  • Available in a range of sizes and configurations, including three standard heights, five standard widths
  • Strong, durable doors, constructed from 8-gauge double wall steel with welded box construction
  • Divider kit to customize your locker into compartments
  • Optional electrical integration to make sure radios, phones, and other electrical equipment are always charged and ready for use
  • HVAC integration to promote air circulation and quick drying of items
  • Integrated peg board holes for hanging duty belts or clothing
  • Durable powder-coat paint finish in numerous standard colors
  • 9.5” or 13” deep hardwood butcher-block bench on bench drawer units, also available as a retractable bench for especially small locker room footprints
  • 200 lb. capacity bench and external access drawers

Personal Lockers Make the Difference for Salt Lake City PD’s SWAT Team
Not wanting to build a police department building with a warehouse attached to it, the planning committee for Salt Lake City’s new public safety building knew they had to think about smart storage. We assisted them with personal storage lockers for their lockers rooms as well as SWAT team storage—creating a way to keep all of their equipment in one place and help their officers stay organized. Click here to read more about the storage systems utilized at SLC’s public safety building.

Secure double door police gear locker
Laminate personal locker

Laminate Personal Lockers

Our laminate lockers enhance decor and provide security to any club or athletic looker room. Locker sides, top and bottom are made of 3/4” industrial grade #47 particleboard with stain and impact resistant white Melamine finish inside and out. Laminate lockers feature high-pressure laminate doors.

Steel Personal Lockers

Rugged all-steel storage lockers are built to last for an array of demanding applications. The modular design of SI’s Steel Locker system gives you the flexibility you need for all of your storage requirements. Choose from a broad selection of sizes and configurations to meet your specific needs.

Then outfit the interior by choosing from a variety of modular accessories:

  • Corner gussets for added rigidity
  • User interchangeable parts
  • Double-wall welded doors
  • Diamond perforated mesh doors
  • A stainless steel lock plate
  • Three lock types

For especially demanding applications, we offer heavy-duty gear lockers.

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