Compact Art Storage

Condense and Care for Collections Simultaneously.

Art is challenging to store. On one hand, large collections can create space restraints—and in addition, there are specific conservation requirements in order to keep important works from deteriorating, which adds to this difficult task.

There is a way to solve both challenges—compact art storage. We’re thrilled to partner with Spacesaver to offer an innovative compact art storage solution that can double the amount of storage space over traditional storage. As a result of this partnership with a leader in museum storage, we’ve been able to create storage solutions for small and large galleries and museums alike—in the San Diego, California as well as in Montana, Colorado, and Utah.

Depending on your needs, we offer two different options for compact art storage. Both offer incredibly easy operation that leads to a much more efficient way to organize and access your collections. Read on to learn more about the options below.

Types of Compact Art Storage Solutions

Hang Glider Pro®—Ceiling Mounted Compact Art Storage

Hang Glider Pro displays your collections vertically with ceiling-mounted, hand-controlled manual art rack systems. The ceiling mounted option allows the channels to be arranged close together to provide the ultimate storage density. The panels are suspended by a roller mechanism that allows the panels to roll in and out easily.

With its double-faced, woven steel mesh design, it allows galleries and museums to hang artwork on both sides of the rack with no interference.  This compact art storage solution is great for storing your artwork in designated storage areas; however, we’ve also seen them used for visual storage situations. Additional features include:

  • Low Vibration: Spacesaver’s specialty extruded aluminum track is ceiling-suspended. This overhead track, with one seam, in conjunction with the precision frictionless roller bearing trolley system, with guide bearings, work in unison to provide smooth guidance, and subject framed artwork only to low vibration.
  • Sway Prevention: Protection of stored material is further enhanced with both a unique anti-sway guide wheel mounted at the front base of each panel, and a floor-anchored guide mechanism at the rear.  The front wheel and rear guide work in tandem to virtually eliminate screen sway and vibration when in use.
  • Controlled Deceleration: Storage panel deceleration is controlled by Spacesaver’s unique deceleration device, which slows panel motion during the last 15” of movement in either direction. The deceleration device protects materials during the panel operation by reducing the likelihood of jarring stops.

High-Density Mobile Art Racks—Floor Mounted Compact Art Storage

Floor-mounted high-density art systems are ideal for large collections, and are used in conjunction with Spacesaver’s high-density mobile carriages. The result is a compact art storage solution that is able to eliminate space-wasting idle aisles and compact collections into a much smaller footprint—yet provide 100% accessibility whenever needed.


  • Systems can be installed on existing floors or planned into new construction
  • Wheel sections can be nested for maximum density
  • Roller guide-bearing wheel assemblies provide for superior racking
  • All wheel sections come equipped with in-rain anti-tip

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