collaboration space
Fueled by new technology, an emphasis in cost reduction, and a focus on collaboration, offices are shifting to better accent the way people work. As layouts transition, storage and shelving needs for these spaces become more important than ever.

At Spacesaver Intermountain, we provide furniture and other solutions to make a good first impression, create a productive workspace, and provide a comfortable space to work or learn. Continue reading to see our furniture options.

Mailroom Furniture

Choosing the right mailroom furniture can be challenging. A mail manager has to consider a variety of factors—the cost of the furniture, the space, durability and safety, and additional employee factors such as height, reach, and the ability to stand for long periods of time.

Our mailroom furniture is comprised of mail stations that are customizable and modular, allowing easy adjustment as needs change. In addition, transportable mail carts are specifically designed to improve mail and bulk package distribution, featuring adjustable height and ergonomic foam grips on handles. Oversize rear wheels provide effortless navigation over elevated floor rails and other obstacles, and bumper molding protects from dings and dents. Mail baskets support flat mail, packages, and flexible file folders.

Reception Area Furniture

Reception areas serve many purposes—making customers and guests comfortable, creating good first impressions, and a place where quick conversations and gatherings take place. For this reason, we specialize in modular reception area furniture that is designed for flexibility and change—as well as presenting a clean, comfortable look to your company or office.

Library Furniture

With the repurposing of areas for makerspaces, collaborative study spaces, computer labs, and classrooms, libraries are facing a challenge—how to store collections in a way that still provides access when needed.

When we worked with the Uintah County Public Library in the small town of Vernal, Utah, they were moving from a 9,000 square foot to a new 23,000 square foot building. The goal was to have an open, community space and to make it easy for everyone—including the many children that frequented the library—to access the books and materials they needed.

With a combination of high-density mobile storage units and metal shelving systems we were able to help them create the kind of community-oriented space they always wanted, while still being able to add to their book collections.

If there never seems to be enough space in your office or mailroom, high-density mobile storage can help.