Gear Lockers

Rugged Gear Storage. Built to Last.
Visible and secure weapons storage in police department

Gear Lockers

Lockers for equipment and gear storage are in need to handle the most demanding situations, particularly in the case of military and law enforcement applications.

Spacesaver’s gear locker, appropriately named the Tactical Readiness Locker, can offer flexibility for all storage requirements and be configurable based on individual needs. It can accommodate air ventilation systems for uniforms and outerwear, a lockable box for handguns or other valuables, adjustable shelves to store anything from clothing to ammunition, a center divider to organize uniform storage, or even a document holder for notebooks and important files. One TRL turnout gear storage locker offers hundred of possibilities.

Gear Lockers in Action

Idaho Army National Guard

At the Idaho Army National Guard, the amount of wasted space was a consistent source of frustration—and part of it was because the lockers assigned to each soldier were actually too big for their needs. Each solider was using one and a half lockers—wasting half a locker worth of space per solider. With input from the soldiers on what was needing to be stored, we were able to design a 2-Tier Gear Locker solution that was big enough to fit the OCIE gear assigned to each solider.

Gear Storage Locker Features:

  • Made in the U.S.A, with rugged all-steel construction
  • Corner gussets for added rigidity
  • Durable textured powder coat paint— a variety of available colors
  • Doors available with a diamond perforated mesh for ventilation and visibility; solid or louvered doors also available
  • Box construction double thickness doors for unmatched strength and rigidity
  • Stainless steal lock plate and handle with optional locker number plaque
  • Four types available: Hasp only (for padlock), keyed, combination, or electronic
  • Some models can be made air extraction ready to connect to your HVAC system
  • Some models can be made to accommodate optional interior UR listed electrical outlets
  • Available in a variety of widths, depths, and heights as well as custom sizes
  • Single and multi-tier units available
Hasp lock gear lockers in Police Department locker room
Wall Mounted Locker for Fire and EMS

GearGrid Lockers:

Not only do police and law enforcement need gear locker storage but also Fire and EMS personnel as well.  Both the wall mount and free standing lockers promote maximum air movement, which minimizes odor build-up and allows damp items to dry faster. These lockers are completely customizable and come in 7 standard colors. Contact Us to learn more.

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