University of Arkansas Football Equipment Storage

Athletic Equipment Storage

It’s not just athletic equipment storage. It’s a site for the rituals of game day preparation. A showpiece for potential recruits. The place your great season begins.

For most equipment rooms, it’s also a place that’s cramped and disorganized—which certainly doesn’t help set the stage for a championship run. Athletic equipment managers know they need more space—but they just aren’t sure how to get it.

With Spacesaver sports equipment storage solutions, you can fit all your equipment in your current space—regardless of the size or shape. Our storage consultants at Spacesaver Intermountain work with you to create a storage solution that’s designed for your needs and objectives, from improving security and inventory procedures to extending the life cycle of your valuable equipment. From K-12 programs to the collegiate and professional level, smarter storage helps you concentrate on the bigger story of your team—this season’s performance.

Our Athletic Equipment Storage Solutions in Action

Football Equipment Storage Solutions


Helmets stored on 4 Post Shelving on Mobile

A football helmet is one of the most important pieces of gear a player wears, so it’s important that they be stored safely and securely. From high-density mobile storage with custom-sized shelves to individual helmet cubbies, we organize helmet storage around your system.

Shoulder Pad Storage

Close up of Shoulder Pad Storage for Notre Dame

Shoulder pads need space to dry, and they also need to keep their shape. We’ve engineered a number of ways to store pads—from overhanging and upright solutions to stack trees on retractable shelves.

Cleat & Shoe Storage


There’s no shortage of workout shoes, travel shoes, and game day cleats, all lobbying for playing time on a football equipment room’s shelves. A high-density mobile system can organize these shoeboxes, keeping them out of sight until they’re needed.


High Density Mobile Shelving for Player Equipment Storage

In the fast-paced world of football, each player’s gear has to be in place and ready at all times—whether that’s a practice, an away game, or a quick drill. Configurable individual cubbies offer a chance for players to have immediate access to all of their gear at all times.

Athletic Locker Rooms

Recruiting has changed immensely over the past few years and teams are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on new facilities to attract top talent to their programs and locker rooms are an important piece to the recruiting puzzle.

Spacesaver Intermountain offers custom wood lockers to facilitate those needs, whether it’s for college athletics, professional teams, high schools, or prep schools, we have a solution to fit your need. We offer various lockers depending on the sport and come in an assortment of wood finishes. There are a variety of locking options as well, from basic padlock hasp to digital locks to secure those valuable items.

Basketball Equipment Storage

Jersey, warm-ups, shoes, basketballs, and practice equipment are just a few of the many things that you need to think about as a basketball equipment manager—and a high-density mobile storage solution is an ideal place to keep all of these varied items organized and compact.

Spacesaver Intermountain, along with many of our Spacesaver partners, have worked with countless basketball teams at the collegiate and professional level to design a functional, organized storage space that fits individual needs. In the case of one particular Division I college team, a move forced the equipment manager to fit all of their gear and equipment into a room 1/3 of the size of the old space.

A combination of high-density mobile storage, stationary metal shelving, and customized drawers were able to keep equipment formed a lasting solution—jerseys were able to be hung neatly, basketballs corralled with the help of rails and plexiglass fronts, and boxes of shoes could be stacked to maximum capacity due to perfectly-spaced shelves. With all the equipment in one place, the equipment manager no longer has to worry about missing equipment, and checking inventory can be done in a matter of minutes.

Baseball Equipment Storage
Baseball equipment managers have their own combination of gear to think about
—helmets, baseball bats, gloves, and uniforms are all part of the equipment puzzle.

Bat Racks

Athletic equipment storage of bats on shelving

We’ve created a custom hanging bat rack that can be utilized within a high-density mobile storage system, ensuring that bats of all shapes and sizes stay put and eliminating the need for stationary storage or wire cage receptacles.

Wire Mesh Wall Rack

Athletic Equipment storage of hats on mesh racking

A wire mesh wall rack for hats and batting helmets can maximize wall space.

Hanging Uniforms

Athletic hanging storage on shelves with doors

Utilizing a high-density mobile system with a combination of rods, metal shelves, and drawers can hold an entire lifecycle of uniforms.

Hockey Equipment Storage

Hockey sticks don’t have to live in large stick racks that take up precious floor space, or on wall-mounted units that break down. Spacesaver has worked with NHL and college hockey teams to engineer hockey stick storage solutions that live within high-density mobile systems. Using vertical metal shelving dividers and other partitions, hockey sticks are kept organized and reduce the risk of breakage. Jerseys, pads, and other equipment can be designed to be stored in the same system.

Hockey athletic equipment storage on compact mobile
Equipment Storage for K-12 Sports Programs & Gym Classes

Whether it’s for a specific sports program or as part of an all-encompassing school physical education program, we’ve seen our fair share of cramped, disorganized athletic storage spaces. In most cases, equipment, uniforms, pads, and other items get thrown in a series of disorganized piles in a cramped storage space—and in all cases, coaches, gym teachers, and aides have a hard time finding what they need when they need it.

High-density mobile shelving provides an ideal way to organize and streamline athletic equipment inventory for your elementary, middle, or high school athletic equipment storage needs. This was the case at Ray D. Corbett Middle School in Schertz, Texas. When school administration was constructing a new school, they intentionally focused on overcoming the athletic equipment storage challenges that were occurring as a result of all of their competitive sports programs. Dealing with a rapidly growing student population and a tight budget, administration knew they wanted anything they implemented to be configurable and budget-friendly.

Working with a Spacesaver partner, they found a solution in the way of a low-profile high-density mobile storage system, which offered a way to store a large volume of uniforms and equipment in an extremely small space and at the same time allow for the unit to be disassembled, moved, and reassembled with ease when needed.

Showcase Team Spirit:
Customize Your Storage System

The primary function of athletic equipment storage is to organize and streamline your equipment process, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t show off the love for your program or organization as well. Take a look at our photo gallery below to see the many ways Spacesaver has worked with athletic teams to incorporate logos, colors, and traditions into their storage systems.

Streamlined inventory, configurable space, and cost-effective solutions for athletic equipment storage—it’s not a long shot.

Take a look at our Athletic Equipment Storage Configuration Guide Book to get a few ideas.