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It’s Not Just a Locker

Design Your Space With Scalable Solutions for a Truly Flexible Environment.

Reimagine personal storage. They are everything that lockers have to offer but elevated with design, smart technology, and puts user experience at top-of-mind.

Smart Lockers At-A-Glance
Workplace Lockers

Employee personal storage should not be overlooked. Enable smart office design with smart lockers in the workplace. Consider how smart lockers can assist employees in smoothly transitioning to the hybrid working model.

With the rise in the hybrid workplace, companies are renovating their office spaces to accommodate more shared spaces. In many cases, dedicated desking is going away and employees need a place to store their belongings — smart workplace lockers are the right solution for the job.

Wood Laminate Lockers in office environment with woman putting bag into locker
smart lockers at wake forest university
University Lockers

Students are never in the same place on campus for long between classes, jobs, and extracurricular activities. Offer a secure location on campus where they can store their belongings.

With students carrying expensive equipment like phones and computers, sports equipment, and class projects or portfolios, it’s a no-brainer to have an effortless, connected way for students and faculty to make sure their items are safe throughout the course of the day.

Locker Design

Don’t make lockers an afterthought. There is more to lockers than just white laminate. When thoughtfully designed, lockers can express brand identity, showcase a dynamic design with textured materials, or even blend into the design of the surrounding space.

There are endless configurations with smart lockers as well including: wall partitions or zone dividers, workplace locker islands, end-cap lockers, wall lockers, and more.

Lockers in the workplace
Locker Technology

Smart lockers can be used for more than just personal storage. Our smart locks address security, media and smart app integrations, mobility, and data — AND they are essential in the development of a truly smart building.

No building, workplace, or university has the same requirements. Our wide variety of locking options allows you to create a personalized smart locker system from the ground up.