Spacesaver Intermountain is proud to offer a variety of different services, such as:

Certified Storage Installation

Spacesaver Intermountain offers full service benefits, including installation and project management that begins from initial meetings and runs through final project completion. You are guaranteed to receive prompt, courteous service and expert installations by our technicians with years of factory-trained experience. To further ensure quality customer experience we obtained ISO 9001 certification for the design, production, and installation of your storage requirements.

Free Storage Needs Assessment

Spacesaver Intermountain is committed to the highest standards of product quality and customer service. Our team of seasoned specialists is made up of problem solvers who can contribute to and support your storage planning process. Their job is to analyze your storage needs, engineer solutions that meet your requirements, then make sure that those solutions work. For a free professional assessment of your storage needs contact your local Spacesaver Intermountain location. There is no cost or obligation.

Inventory Management

Looking for ways to increase customer and employee satisfaction by improving efficiency, while also recognizing substantial cost savings? We offer many solutions to fit your inventory management needs. One such solution is Stockbox, an inventory management system which incorporates RFID technology and lean Kanban methods to create a simple, effective means for efficient stock management. Additionally, six FrameWRX® shelving sections with divided bins provide a customizable point of need solution tied closely to company workflow to ensure that supplies are at the right place at the right time. Current customers have successfully implemented the Stockbox system and turned what was a 5-step process into a 2-step process for inventory management. We would like to see you do the same.

Moves & Relocations

Simplified installation and future expansion and/or relocation are key elements of design. Spacesaver Intermountain storage systems are built to be easily assembled, disassembled, and reassembled, in order to conveniently reconfigure, relocate or expand your space however you see fit. In addition to offering easily maneuverable products, we also provide complete relocation services, including total space planning, measuring and collections mapping through our company-wide group of independent contractors.

Records Management

We employ the best systems available to protect client information and ensure quality management of the records stored in our facility. By utilizing our own array of Record Management Storage systems, we can quickly store and draw upon your records at any point of need. We consolidate and centralize, control and safeguard all of these critical files making your account information safe with us.

With the available security options of touchpad controls, unit locks, lockable tambour doors and key pad entry systems your files will be limited from unauthorized access. Your access will be controlled. Increased accountability. Better record management.

Structural Evaluation

When designing storage solutions, Spacesaver Intermountain conducts a thorough evaluation of your company’s specific needs. SI’s goal is to partner with you in the design process—and add value by virtue of our extensive industry experience and unequaled storage expertise. When you need help from an expert in storage applications, contact one of our local, handpicked, highly trained industry-specific distributors. Our SI storage specialists are able to provide expert space assessments and ROI evaluations in order to design the optimal storage system for your facility. They will take into account all of your operational goals and needs, including assisting you and your local experts in addressing fire protection, floor requirements and safety considerations.

System Maintenance

Spacesaver Intermountain offers full service benefits with an emphasis on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. As such our service is guaranteed to extend beyond project completion. Our statement of warranty is continued commitment that SI is dedicated to serving our customers in all stages of their user experience. Our service and warranty staff is ready to assist you in any way we can with your post-installation needs.