Uintah County Public Library

Library Book Shelving and a New Facility at Uintah Library Doubles its Space, Triples its Visitors
Library Storage - collaborative space created by high density shelving at Uintah County Library

Opened in August 2012, the new Uintah Country Library, located in Vernal, Utah more than doubled the space of the previously library from 9,000 sq. ft. to 22,000 sq. ft. Because of this addition in space and new library book shelving solution, the library now welcomes three times more visitors than previously—approximately 800 people per day. This is a huge success for those involved in the project as well as a great asset to the Uintah County community.

Visitors are no longer constrained by space on the inside of the library in addition to the tight space on the library book shelving as was the case previously. “[We] used to have large oak shelves that would bow under the weight of the books. The shelving was very tall and packed in” says Melinda Barlow program coordinator, Uintah County Library. “So, we would constantly have to switch the shelves around to try and straighten them out.”

Library Storage - cantilever shelving with pull out drawers at the uintah county library

“As a librarian, I have to be able to move the shelves; I have to be able to adjust to my needs and that’s what these are able to do.”

– Melinda Barlow, program coordinator, Uintah County Library

One of the primary goals of the project from the onset was to create an airy space so visitors could feel comfortable and could search items without issues. “You need to have that living pace for people to feel comfortable; you need to have that feeling in a library. That they can come in and find what they want, and that’s what this library does,” Barlow adds.

In fact, the library is so organized and functional that children can grab books and place them back on the library shelves by themselves—a bin system custom designed by Spacesaver for this purpose. The library can host children and teen events with 200 to 400 attendees onsite—something that was not possible in the previous building. The children area is one of Barlow’s favorite spaces in the library.

A Spacesaver library book shelving system (cantilever shelving) and four-posts throughout the library allows the staff to reconfigure and change book displays whenever it’s needed. In addition, a high-density mobile system was installed for office storage needs. “Even after two years, we still have room in it and that’s amazing to me,” Barlow says. “As a librarian, I have to be able to move the shelves; I have to be able to adjust to my needs and that’s what these are able to do.”

The Uintah County Library has been able to help provide a place where members of the community can come together and enjoy a common space. With the help of Spacesaver storage systems the library can continue to grow and help positively impact the community for many years to come.

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