Welcoming A New Chapter

Welcome to Our New Headquarters

After 25 years in Downtown Salt Lake City, Spacesaver Intermountain is moving to a brand-new headquarters and showroom. Get ready to experience our exciting new workplace!


At Spacesaver Intermountain, we’re dedicated to enhancing operations through innovative storage solutions. Here’s what our new headquarters offers:

  • Specialty Storage Showcase: Our state-of-the-art facility showcases high-density storage, smart lockers, and modular casework from HB Design Group brands, providing versatile solutions for various needs.


  • Hub of Connection and Collaboration: Our new space prioritizes collaboration, with ample storage designed to support efficient workflows and team interaction.


  • Flexible Storage Options: From individual workstations to collaboration areas and huddle rooms, our spaces are adaptable to meet changing needs throughout the workday.


Join us in this journey of change! Our new headquarters is designed to support our teams and customers, offering a destination workplace that truly reflects our mission.