Workplace Lockers

Lockers in the workplace

Hybrid Work Model

For many businesses, workplace lockers are no longer a nice-to-have amenity. With the rise in the hybrid workplace model, companies are renovating their office spaces to accommodate more collaborative workspaces. In many cases, dedicated desks are going away and employees need a place to store their belongings — workplace lockers are the solution.

•  Employees aren’t coming into the office as frequently so companies are removing desking — no more “home base” for employees.

•  Companies need flexible solutions in order to be agile with their ever-changing needs. You can’t have a smart building with dumb locks.

•  Don’t let lockers be an afterthought. Lockers are much more than a storage solution — a thoughtfully designed accent to the office, a representation of your brand, and a place to explore biophilic design. When done correctly, smart lockers can help employees seamlessly transition to the hybrid working model.

Flexibility & Custom User Experience

Our smart workplace locker system is designed to be flexible not only in the physical locker but also in the way an employee and company uses the lockers.

Temporary Lockers & Exchange of Goods Lockers

Provide lockers for your employees to use to securely store their personal belongings when they come into the office. And in the same or different locker bank allocate lockers for the transfer of items. Such as lockers for IT departments, internal cafeteria, management to exchange sensitive or confidential physical documents.

smart lockers in the workplace
Smart Workplace App/Integration

Most decisions about hybrid work strategies are influenced by technology. Integrations with smart technologies are becoming increasingly important as more businesses explore smart building design. Smart building apps must be versatile while also being user-friendly and convenient. Employees should be able to reserve a desk, check the cafeteria menu, and reserve a locker all from the same app. Integrate smart lockers into your workplace app to provide employees with convenient experiences.

Smart locker technology

Companies are realizing they don’t need as much space as they once did and are downsizing to reduce their real estate footprint. Some businesses use third-party locations for their smaller, satellite offices, such as coworking spaces. A key differentiator is the availability of smart lockers for members to conveniently store personal belongings. Not only is it convenient for members, but you can also monetize the lockers by renting them out. It’s a self-sustaining smart locker system.

Coworking lockers in the workplace